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Helping Clients Reach Their Target Customers

Market Segmentation and re-segmentation are of the utmost importance in helping clients meet their customer engagement goals. We know that this is not easy and requires a significant amount of “set up” work. We work with clients to take some of the monotony away, and free up their capacity to focus on other aspects of marketing.

Effective CRM (Client Relationship Management)

If you are using spreadsheets to manage CRM, reach out to us immediately for a consultation. If you are using a CRM tool but either do not know how to or have no time to properly review the data on the back end of the CRM tool, reach out to us immediately for a consultation.

Marketing Team Extension

Working With You To Move Your Business Forward.

Our marketing solutions are client centric. We focus on each clients’ business model, tools, technology, and human capital resources to see how we can best address the business need in the context of the clients’ current reality. As appropriate we apply strategies to future proof the business; creating the possibility for sustained growth long after our engagement is over.

Office Hours

We provide packaged services at various service levels. Depending on clients needs. Contact us to determine what service level agreement may be best for you.

Project Basis

We work on a project basis with the majority of our clients. Before we kick off any project, we first determine the scope and KPI (Key Performance Indicators), to ensure that everything is managed to expectations. Set up a discovery call to learn more.

On Demand

Some clients prefer to set up retainer agreements and work with our team on demand on a variety of objectives monthly. Contact us to learn more.

A La Carte

Many marketing strategies require some level of creative input and output for advancement. We provide clients with the flexibility to choose what they need as they need it, to optimize cost.

Agency Services

We work with clients to provide solution based services. This often includes working with third parties and technology service providers on behalf of clients, in order to meet a pre-defined goals.
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"It's not possible to provide sustainable business solutions, if those solutions - whether proprietary or managed - do not look across a client's entire business model."

~ Kesi